Weed out time-wasters with BM and save your marriage (part 1)

You can save a lot of your time and a lot of frustration if you qualify every lead you receive. Trust me, I have been there and stuffed that up up too. I had to learn the hard way.

I once received a lead from a young couple to quote on a complete bathroom renovation. After they proudly showing me their new kitchen reno (complete with very expensive marble benchtop and European appliances) I was shown the bathroom to be renovated. The job entailed stripping all the way back, new waterproofing, new tiles, etc, you know, the works. When I enquired as to the budget they said they only had $6,000 left to complete the bathroom renovation. “Marble benchtops are not cheap,” they laughed!
I wanted to scream and strangle someone.

A long rant to my loving wife when I got home about wasting my time was followed by a very calm response…”Why didn’t you qualify them before you went out?”. Yep, she was right, I was a dingbat. Time to make another change to BuildManager.

Before you commit to your next quote or estimate – change your hat.
Remember, one of the many hats you must wear is that of a salesperson. By qualifying and rating leads and prospects you will save time and maintain control of your business (and your life). BuildManager has simple-to-use rating and qualifying systems to utilise with every new lead or prospect. So come up with good questions to ask every new prospect, work it through the BM contact module, and I’ll bet you’ll save you time, save money and possibly even save your marriage. (Well, it saved mine).

Use BuildManager to get rid of big time wasters and keep control of your business.

Have you had some bad experiences of time wasters wanting free estimates and quotes for unrealistic budgets?

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