Available on iOS and Android for data entry

  • The phone App is available free for every worker from Apple store and Google Play
  • Use the free App to capture timesheets for every worker across every job
  • Upload photos of every receipt with the free phone App
  • Auto syncs receipts and times-sheets from your phone
  • Never lose a receipt


*coming soon


A full contact management system

  • A comprehensive contact management system for every lead
  • Never lose a lead again
  • Rate every lead - become a salesperson without trying
  • Invoice straight from the lead module for an initial site visit to eliminate tyre kickers. No other software offers this
  • Then upload any docs you will need such as plans, photos etc


Easily create professional and comprehensive proposals

  • Distinguish between Cost Plus and Fixed Price estimates
  • Pre-loaded descriptions make putting together a comprehensive proposal very easy
  • Change your Terms and Conditions each and every time with a simple tick box
  • Stop scope creep. Be clear and legal on every job

Image of BuildManager Quote Module with Fast Build Templates for Great Small Builder Proposals and Estimates


Everyone knows Leads are not customers!

  • Turn leads into customers with a single click
  • Create Job Cards straight from the Lead module
  • Record notes, emails, tasks and other information against the lead
  • Upload plans, contracts, before and after photos


Get organised and Be in Control

  • Every job has a job number
  • All customer details are picked up from the Lead module, no need to start again
  • Copies of notes, quotations and invoices can be viewed from the Job Card
  • All work on site is uploaded daily to the Job Card for easy reference and invoice preparation
  • Every document, contracts, plans, site photos, notes etc is in one place


Cost Plus and Fixed Price jobs too

  • Instantly create weekly invoices with a full job summary at the push of a button
  • Makes invoicing Cost Plus jobs quick and easy
  • Add variations to progress claims for Fixed Price jobs
  • No more late invoices
  • Upload invoices to Xero straight from BM


Summarise every activity for quick invoicing

  • Updated every day from the BM App by every staff member
  • Includes labour and materials
  • Automatically attaches to the invoice when it is created
  • Improve cashflow with super quick invoicing


Store important documents in BM for quick retrieval and attachment

  • Keep important documents at hand for attachment to proposals and quotes
  • Make your proposals stand out from the crowd
  • Attach PDF’s, JPEG’s and other standard file types
  • Create new categories relevant to your business


Maintain comprehensive staff information in BM

  • Take the pain away from managing apprentices, staff and contractors
  • Keep vital Industrial Relations and HR information in one place
  • License renewals and training records for CPD
  • Workers Compensation, Insurances, Accident reports etc


Take notes on every conversation and store in BM

  • Keep notes of every and any discussion regardless of who or what
  • Search for notes that could be kept in any of a dozen places
  • Useful for contacts, product discussions, customers, staff, and more
  • Or discussions with a supplier, an architect and engineer or subbie
  • Never lose a note again
  • You will be more organised than virtually any other builder. It’s so simple!


Your online contact system

  • One place to store information on everyone you could conduct business with
  • store important contact details for people
  • allow access for your other users
  • relate contacts to any Client or Job or Appointment
  • record contact notes, attach (archive) emails and tasks to the contact


Invoice every working hour across multiple jobs

  • Every worker can download the free the free iPhone or Android BM App
  • Enter time on each and every job through the BM App
  • Automatically uploads timesheets to job site summaries in the job card
  • Know where your staff are even when you are not on site
  • Stop the guesswork about where you and staff were
  • Send your invoice confident that all billable hours are entered


Never lose a receipt again

  • Every worker can download the free iPhone or Android BM App
  • Use the App to capture all materials purchased
  • Receipts are then automatically uploaded to the site summaries in the job card
  • Losing receipts is like losing cash and that is straight profit
  • Create an invoice at the end of the week knowing all receipts are accounted for
  • Improves your bottom line profit
  • Experience positive cash-flow


Your On-line ‘To-do’ List

  • Full Task Management System to keep your ‘To-do’ lists under control
  • Store tasks, track due dates and task comments
  • Assign tasks to other users
  • Relate tasks to clients, contacts and / or enquiries
  • Receive automated email reminders when tasks are due


Understand the bigger picture

  • Dashboards tell you how and where your business is going
  • Easy to understand graphics of your monthly leads and invoicing
  • Focus on important areas as told through the dashboard  
  • Set alerts through the dashboard to prioritise activities