HIP HIP HOORAY! – I’m a licensed builder!!

Without a doubt there were plenty of times running my building business I thought, “What the fudge am I doing this for???”. Days and days (actually years) when everything was going wrong, carpenters being complete idiots, apprentices…being apprentices, a bad customer or three at once, sub contractors being irresponsible, again. Who would want to...

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Mad Money Monday

This one’s for TW’s. Read it out loud to your husband and then tell him, this guy’s a builder as well, so stop giving me a hard time about getting onto the paperwork. Doing things on a regular basis is natural to us all. We start our day the same way with a coffee...

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Membership has benefits. Or does it?

I’ve been asked by a number of people whether or not it’s worth being a member of one of the building industry associations (eg Master Builders, HIA etc). The answer really lies in understanding what they are capable of providing and what they can’t or won’t do. Only you can answer the question of...

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The Payment to Invoice Ratio

In my building business managing cash-flow was a high priority. Outside of safety, it was probably my biggest focus. Some of my subbies on the other hand had a completely different view of their business priorities and would be sending me their invoices weeks, sometimes months, after jobs had finished. One of my subbies,...

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‘Mates rates?’ or ‘fools with tools?’

When a friend asks for ‘Mates Rates’ what they are actually saying is “can you do a building job really cheap for me and make no profit?”. Perhaps you have overheard the BBQ conversation when someone is gloating how they got some fantastic building job done “at mates rates”. How clever do they think...

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NEWS: Source SMH 20th Dec 2018

A husband and wife duo are behind bars after a long-running investigation targeted them as ringleaders of a scheme that has been issuing fraudulent construction industry trade qualifications to unqualified people for a fee since at least 2015. Cameron Russell, 55 and wife Fay, 52, were extradited to NSW earlier this month before they...

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Builders The two types of currencies used in Australian building

The two types of currencies used in Australia

Did you know there are two types of currency in Australia? In fact there are just two types of currency on the planet and they are not US dollars and Australian dollars. I’m talking about domestic dollars and commercial dollars and while they have the same face value, they definitely have a somewhat different...

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Builders Leave Your Mates At The Beach

Leave your mates at the beach

One of the problems we builders and carpenters sometimes have is understanding what our responsibilities are. There are legal responsibilities and then there are moral responsibilities. When we choose to start running our own business, as opposed to working for someone else, we have made a decision to take on both legal and moral...

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Builder Does your prospect or customer speak Builder-ese

Does your customer or prospect speak Builder-ese?

When you’re preparing an estimate and then creating a great proposal you will be probably doing a fair amount of ‘builder speak’. The question I have for you is; “do you think the customer understands what you are saying?” There are certainly times when the customer/prospect doesn’t really need to understand everything (do they...

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