Builder BM is live

BuildManager Is Live

Small builders have long been frustrated by trying to use estimating software that’s really been designed for plumbers, electricians and larger-scale residential builders. Now, for the first time, there is a product available that combines an intimate knowledge of what it’s like to be a small builder with easy-to-use tech that makes running a building business easier. BuildManager.

BuildManager is for small builders working on jobs including bathrooms, decks and window and door installations. It doesn’t assume that they’re working with an architect or building designer (though they might be) or that they have a team of carpenters. It’s for small builders who know their trade and want to get on with the job of building.

“As a small builder working in the industry for more than 20 years I saw there was a gap in the market,” says BuildManager founder and licensed builder John Davis. “There was no software package available that really understood what it takes to run a small building and carpentry business. So I decided to create one.”

BuildManager is designed to manage the process from first inquiry to final invoice and makes running a small building business easy, so small builders and carpenters can spend more on site and less time worrying about paperwork. There are no lock-in contracts and access starts at $89 per month.

Unique features include:

  • Customer management system
  • Pre-filled subcontractor and trade descriptions for estimating and quoting
  • Pre-configured small building solutions for estimating and quoting
  • Free on-line building contracts to send to customers
  • Changeable terms and conditions for each job
  • Easy invoicing and receipt management
  • A free integrated phone app so you won’t lose receipts
  • Super quick invoicing – especially for Cost Plus jobs

“Small builders are great on the tools but often, not so great with the technology that’s needed to run a profitable business. I know BuildManager is the tool they’ve been missing. It’s easy to use, built specifically for small builders and full of features that make getting (and winning) great proposals easy, whether they’re Cost Plus or Fixed Price jobs,” says John Davis. For more information call John Davis on 0414 939 100 or email

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